About Silvia Mordini


I am a Mindfulness Advocate, Motivational Speaker, and Author. Before my near-death experience (NDE), I was a workaholic senior executive, trapped in a never-ending cycle of striving and stress. Mindfulness came to my rescue, saving me from high-functioning anxiety and transforming my life.

With unwavering dedication, I ignite transformation in women, empowering them to reclaim their zest for life and embark on a fresh start. For over two decades, I have been a catalyst for thousands of individuals, propelling them to elevate their lives and pursue their deepest desires.

From former Fortune 500 senior executive to Wellness entrepreneur, I bring a unique perspective to help people incorporate healthy habits and mindfulness into their daily lives. Through Online Courses, Retreats, and Coaching, I provide a secure space to navigate triggers and traumas, rebuilding trust in your intuition for transformative change.

My mission is to empower individuals feeling stuck or overwhelmed, guiding them to reset and transform their careers, relationships, and lives. As the creator of the 10-year-old YouTube channel LIFE inspired and the blog Loving Your Day, my work, featured on platforms like HuffPost, Gaia, and MindBodyGreen, is described as "life-changing." I am recognized as a catalyst for happiness, global awareness, and joyful living. If You’re Looking To Inspire Change, Look No Further Than Silvia Mordini.

What does that mean? 

I wake people up to the power of change and their ability to choose to be happy, or happier in order to love themselves, love their day, love their lives! 

I am an internationally recognized Motivational Speaker and Mindfulness Teacher at conferences worldwide. You can’t help but leave spiritually uplifted! My enthusiasm is contagious. 

My life has been both a warning and an example

My life story and radical transcendence serves as a catalyst for clients to save time healing and removing what holds them back because I personally know it’s possible to transform your trauma to triumph and transmute your drama to dreams.Our greatest successes come from our messes. 

I was born in Ecuador. My Father is Italian, my mother is Ecuadorian and my immediate family is from Brazil, Philippines, and Puerto Rico. Because my life is like the United Nations I developed a sense of global citizenship early on.This is also why I love everybody.

Without apology I believe in magic because my life is a miracle. Some days I can barely believe all that I have recovered from, like getting run over by a car in the United States, the TBI from a life threatening cycling accident in Italy and an awful scooter accident in Indonesia that I somehow walked away from. As well as saving myself from an abusive marriage. I have faced down NDE (near death experience) and slayed the PTSD and panic attacks that followed the traumas with a plant based diet, meditation and only holistic cures and modalities. 

That’s also why I think everyone deserves more than a second chance. They deserve at least a third chance.

In fact the title of one of my books is “A Third Chance.”

If you want to know me, then read me. You’ll find hundreds of my published writings about lifestyle, spirituality & wellness read by thousands all over the world as seen in Gaia, Mindbodygreen (USA), Mantra Wellness Magazine, Elephant Journal (USA), DO YOU (Hong Kong), Good Men Project, Yogi Times, Wanderlust (USA), Daily Cup of Yoga (USA), and I’m a wellness expert as seen in Psychology Today, HuffPost, Medium and more. 

What you’ll learn from me is “Authenticity and joyful self-confidence in living your purpose with passion.”

follow the sun for an endless summer switching between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres where you’ll find me in Bali and Australia most of the year. I’m living a laptop lifestyle as a storyteller inspiring happiness, global awareness, and joyful living in everyone I meet.

For those of you that like numbers and dates:

  • I have more than 12,000 hours of Yoga Teaching experience. 
  • I've taught for over 15 years.
  • I have graduated 33 classes of Alchemist Alumni from over 25 countries worldwide.
  • Before becoming a serial Yogapreneur, I was a Director for an international Fortune 100 professional services.
  • I’ve been in 1 hit and run as a pedestrian, 1 life threatening cycling accident, 1 radical scooter accident for a total of two NDE (near death experiences).
  • I’ve had 2 TBI’s I am a proud thriver not just a survivor.
  • In 1999 founded and owned Total Body Yoga Studio in Chicagoland with over 9,000 students for ten years. Some years later I also owned Healing Power Yoga Studio.
  • In 2001 I founded Yoga Business Mentoring to help yoga teachers up-level the capacity to hold greater wealth & create a business life aligned with spiritual life.  
  • In 2004 I founded Alchemy of Yoga School through Yoga Alliance to teach YOU how to say YES to loving yourself, I named it Alchemy of Yoga, with 32 graduating classes of Alchemist Alumni from over 25 countries worldwide(www.alchemyofyoga.com)
  • In 2009 I founded Alchemy Tours, an International Yoga Retreat company specializing in Personal Transformation. (www.alchemytours.com)
  • In 2010 I founded my own style of yoga called Rebel Spirit Yoga. This is in addition to my chakravinyasa.com practice. (www.rebelspirityoga.com)
  • In 2015 I started Dharma Mentoring with a specialism in The Business of Yoga. This program offers you the mechanics to do the work of spirit & be financially successful at the same time. It helps you fine-tune your inner compass to authenticity and joyful self-confidence in living your dharma. (www.alchemyofdharma.com)
  • In 2018 I started a Meditation Program dedicated to helping make learning to meditate easeful called Mindfully In Love (www.mindfully.love and 7daysof.love)
  • In 2019 I founded a new small group coaching program called Soulecting based in the belief that when we select with our soul, instead of selecting with the mind, we live aligned with our greatest joy. 
  • In 2020 I co-founded Soul Sister Tribe creating an online ashram of the heart for womxn that have experienced sexual trauma. A refuge, a home for sisters to support sisters.

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